tisdag 4 mars 2014

Finding Python

So switching languages, at least for today. As I'm currently reading Michael Palin's "Diaries 1969-1979 The Python Years" I feel inspired. Also my husband resides in London these days so I should be practicing my English. The book has reached 1978 and the filming of Life of Brian is in full swing. For a Python-fan like myself, it's both wonderful and a bit strange to read about the set, the thoughts and actions of Palin and the other Pythons. Perhaps one should not get to know (even though I realize it's a very limited and shallow way of getting to know someone) one's idols too deep. My understanding and love for Monty Python keeps on growing even though I see things, for good and for bad, which I didn't use to. As far as their productions go, I've always considered this to be one of Monty Python's strengths and signs of geniality. Every time I watch an episode or a movie I see new details, hear or see things which I haven't percieved before, understand some subtle meaning of a joke I haven't grasped before. It doesn't really matter if it's because of me or the Pythons that this phenomena occurs everytime, it stills put them in a special category that makes them stand out from most other actors, shows and performances. And so I have always thought. I can't even remember the first time I saw something with Python. Dad was a huge fan and as a 5 year old I roared with laughter at The Philosopher's Song from Live at the Hollywood Bowl or Queen Victoria racing Queen Victoria. Unfortunately I didn't understand that not all children enjoyed the intellectual yet brutal jokes of Python. Tomorrow I'll have dinner with an old friend whom I have known since 1st grade. I remember taking her home after school when we were about 8 years old to watch a movie. I obviously put on one of my favourites; Life of Brian. I laughed and laughed and still don't understand why she left during the "Romans, go home"-sketch but I know that she until this day dislikes Monty Python. I blame me and not her, maybe she was not ready and I'm sorry I ruined her chance of finding her own favourite Python-scenes, songs and scetches. My fascination with this ground breaking comedians keep increasing and thus I can't stay away from any chance to get to know them more. So back to the Life of Brian-set of 1978 and see you on July 1st in O2 arena for a dream (I didn't even dare to dream) come true!

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