tisdag 4 mars 2014

Finding one's balance

It all sounds a bit pompous; to find one's balance. Perhaps it is but isn't that what we do most of the time - attempt to find what way to walk, what we like, who we are and what we want to do. I keep  finding myself doing things which are nice in the short run but perhaps not so healthy in the long run. It's human to do have that extra piece of chocolate, glass of wine, to go to bed late, get one extra round of food, watch a movie instead of that walk in the sun. In the longer perspective the body tells you what you should do and shouldn't, sometimes it's about listening to the signals. During the last few years I've become better and better at listening to my body's signals, however I still often fail. Like today when it was Shrove Tuesday I totally overconsumed on sweets and the craving for sweets is sometimes a self imposing loop. Once you have sweets you want more.

To me it's about finding balance and to do  so is extremely difficult, at least for me, and takes discipline and time. Too often the need comes from a period of sleep deprivation, over eating or too little exercise. The body just  tells me - enough. When I went through a tough period a few years back my doctor told me to follow strict sleeping routines. It was super difficult in the beginning but it has paid off big time. About 3½ years ago I decided my BMI was way too high and I reached a point where I felt I owed it to myself to find some balance to my eating and exercising. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't doing it all wrong before, just a bit too much to be able to maintain a good health status.

Having a new job, being back in my old home town and  in many ways settling into a new life I feel out of balance and there is an increasing need in my body to find it. Reading blogs and magazines, Pinterest, Instagram and discussing with friends give me inspiration. Balance is also  about finding the right time and creating good conditions. This week is not a good time and the conditions are extremely bad. My husband is arriving tomorrow and we'll be celebrating my birthday this weekend which makes for good cake and wine conditions. In the meantime I keep planning for next weeks health kickoff. One great source of inspiration can be found through searching Pinterest and Instagram for detox and raw food recipies and also this great blog by my friend Jennie: http://thisrawsomelife.blogg.se/ It's all quite down to Earth, finding the balance. In this regard at least.

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