torsdag 6 mars 2014


So I like to bake. To bake is very result oriented; there is a goal, a process, tasks and steps to go through, a waiting period which has to be monitored and voilà - a result. For sometime now I haven't baked more than once, but now that my husband is visiting it brings back the joy. With the risk of sounding lika a housewife, it brings me pleasure that he likes my baking. Today I came home around 6.30 pm from the office and we had dinner and I decided to bake something to bring to the office tomorrow since my birthday is Saturday. And because I know that my husband would be happy of course. Even though there's the hassle of getting all the ingredients, measuring and washing up it was so much fun. Except for the result (which was satisfactory this time) and the husband's joyous snacking there's also the good feeling that comes from knowing what you eat. I know that there's lots of sugar and butter and such in the blondies I made but I also know how much, I know that everything (except for two minor ingredients) is organic, that they contains very few additives which is the total opposite of store bought cookies and sweets. Getting sort of back to basics, knowing your food (yes I know I didn't milk the cow etc) gives me pleasure. It's too bad that even sweets that you've made yourself are quite unhealthy, otherwise I would bake all the time. Not that I'm and outstanding baker, but because it brings results, joy and satisfaction. Next time I think I'll do some healther rawfood based treats but today you can enjoy my blondies (from a Gordon Ramsay recipe)!

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